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Dr. Biplob Ray

GradCertTEd, BSEng(Computer),MIT(UB), PhD (Deakin), SMACS
Senier lecturer - ICT
School of Engineering and Technology
Centre for Intelligent Systems, Institute for Future Farming Systems
120 Spencer St(enter from Lt Collins St.) - 6.10
Melbourne, VIC-3000, Australia
About Me

As a creative and passionate academic, I believe effective learning depends on dynamic, differentiated, and innovative lessons that engage students' ongoing interest and imagination — an approach reinforced by the consistently positive feedback that I receive from students on my teaching. My experience in research, academia, and industry have contributed to my knowledge and understanding of computing. In 2019, I received CQU Vice-Chancellor's Award for Exemplary Practice in Learning and Teaching (Tier 1) 2019 and Vice-Chancellor's commendation for outstanding research.


I am highly interested in multidisciplinary research with core interests in secure communication protocols of Cyber-Physical systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT). Many of my research projects are funded by the Australian federal government and industry since 2016. Currently, I am supervising two (2) students as a principal supervisor and three (3) as an associate supervisor. In previously mentioned core areas, students interested in research work, as Ph.D. or Masters, should contact me.

Universities Studied At

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

School of Information Technology, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Deakin University

Universities Worked At

Senior Lecturer: CQUniversity (CQU) Jan 2020–present

ICT Lecturer: CQUniversity (CQU) Feb 2015–2019

Ph.D., Research Assistant and Academic: Deakin University, Melbourne, 2012 -2015

Lecturer: University of Ballarat (Federation University) and Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), 2008–2011


2019 Received Vice-Chancellor's Award for Exemplary Practice in Learning and Teaching

2019 Student Voice Commendation 2019 – On-campus educators of the Year

2019 Recipient of Deans’ Award and Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Researchers Commendation – Early Career Researcher 2019

2016 Associate Vice-Chancellor award ‘RISING STAR of 2016’ in CQUniversity for outstanding contribution to social innovation, engagement, and collaboration

2015 Professor of Information Technology Award for highest research and academic merit, School of Technology (Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment), Deakin University

2013 Best Speaker Award at SIT-HDR conference, Deakin University, Australia

2012 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA)—scholarship for PhD study

2010 Best Research Paper Award. The paper (‘Mutual Authentication with Malware Protection for an RFID System’) was awarded best research paper among the ITS2010, NTC2010 and ATAI 2010 conference research papers. This led to an invitation of submission to the journal of GSTF International Journal on Computing (JoC) (ISSN: 2010-2283)

1999 Dean’s Lister Award for Top Ten Scholar Student for Bachelor in Computer Engineering, 1999.

Media Citations


2017 I wrote an explainer for Fairfax media on the topic "How WiFi works.". The article can access from this link

2016 Daniel Bateman from Cairns post reported a fairly comprehensive coverage on 16 November 2016 about the AuDA foundation funded project to increase accessibility of internet for the disadvantaged community. In this report, they have quoted me several times as an involved researcher of the project and as an expert of the field.

2016 Media release of AuDA funded the project was in a featured story in CQUniNews on 17 Nov 2016. The news can be accessed using in –


2016 As a security expert, I appeared on channel 7’s broadcast about an event which is organized by me. The broadcast was titled as ‘Lawmakers have met with international experts in North Queensland to discuss how to prevent hackers targeting businesses and residents and to urge more people to work in the cyber security industry.’ The recording of the broadcast can be viewed in


2016 The AuDA foundation funded project to increase accessibility of internet for disadvantaged community attracted ABC radio. I was invited in breakfast with Kier Shorey show for an interview about the project in ABC radio Far North, Cairns. The interview lasted about 11 mins and broadcasted on 16 Nov 2016 8:39 AM.

Previous teaching

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught a wide range of Information and Communication Technology( ICT) units. The main focus areas of my teaching are coding, information security, network, and network security, Emerging technologies like the Internet of Things(IoT) and cloud computing.

Professional Experience

Analyst Programmer: Telstra and Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), 2011-2012

Systems Programmer, Network specialist and Team Leader: HSG International Management and Services, Philippines,2003– 2006

Professional Memberships


2020 (to Present) - Treasurer, IEEE Victorian Section

2019 (to Present) - Committee member of IEEE Victoria section

2020 (to Present) - Fonding Co-Chair of IEEE Vic. IoT community

2016 (to Present) Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia (CORE)

2010 (to Present) Certified Professional (CP) by Australian Computer Society (ACS)

2007 (to Present) Senior Member of Australian Computer Society (ACS)

2007 (to Present) Member of Golden Key International Honour Society. Invitations to this international community of scholars are extended only to the highest ranked 10% of university students

2010 (to Present) Member of various conferences such as SNPD, ICIS, and SERA

2016 (to Present) IEEE and IEEE Cybersecurity Initiative (CYBSI) group

2017- presented in Centre for Intelligent Systems (CIS) worskshop in CQU ( systems/staff)

2016-2018 Member of Academic Leadership Committee, CQUniversity, Cairns campus


2010 (to Present) - A number of conferences such as ATIS, SNPD, ICIS, and SERA

2010 (to Present) Various Elsevier and IEEE journals (Computers & Electrical Engineering, Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics and so on)


2016 Local organizing committee for International Conference on Applications and Techniques in Information Security 2016 (ATIS2016)


At current position: 55% teaching, 35% research, and 10% engagemenet/adminitritive duties.

Professional Interests

  • Share scientific, academic and professional knowledge with future and current professionals and scintistis
  • Advance multidisciplinary research to address social problems

Key Achievements

In my current role to dated July 2020

Unit or curriculum development

  • Proposed new course- "Minor in IoT". I have designed the course and initial unit's profile. I have lead the development of most of the units too.
  • Proposed and designed a new PG unit “Cloud computing for smart application” which will teach the use of cloud computing to design IoT ready smart applications. The unit uses IBM Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS) for practical hands-on exercises.
  • Proposed and designed a new UG unit “Cloud Based Smart Applications Management” which will teach management of cloud based IoT ready smart applications. The unit uses IBM Bluemix Platform as a Service (PaaS) for practical hands-on exercises.
  • Redeveloped or redeveloping UG units ‘Electronic Crime and Digital Forensics’ and ‘TCPIP Principles and Protocols’ to improve unit content in the following areas.
    • included the latest developments in the area,
    • improved hands-on lab to align with unit content.
  • Always received a teaching evaluation score of 4 or more out of a total of 5.

Awards and Research grants

  • Received Two vice-chancellor's awards in 2019.
  • Received total grants of AUD $934,491.72 from the industry and Australian Federal Government.

Collaboration and Leadership

  • Collaborated with various industry partners for research and course developments -
    • Collaborated with IBM to included CQUniversity in the IBM Academic Initiative program to use IBM cloud for our Cloud Computing unit.
    • Collaborated with a number of industry partners to apply for internal or external research grants
  • Cyber Security Challenge Australia 2017 – supervise two CQU teams in Cybersecurity challenge 2017. This is the first time CQU teams attended Cyber Security Challenge, Australia.
  • Collaborated with Deakin University to organize and host information security conference ATIS2016. Highlights of this conference was a public talk from Mr. Phil Green, Privacy Commissioner of Queensland government and engagement of the local community.
  • Collaborating with various professional bodies like IEEE and ACS to create industry engagement and training opportunities for students and colleagues.



2017-2018 International Journal of Hybrid Intelligence published by Inderscience.

Recent Research Projects
Artificial Intelligence driven internet of Drones for targeted weed spraying (EATP 038)
From: 28/11/2022 to 31/01/2025
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships Program: Round One
Total Funding: $447,608.00
Automated and Adaptive Cybersecurity assessment device to enable small business towards a privacy enabled digital transformation in Internet of Things
From: 03/01/2022 to 28/02/2023
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 3: Industry and Other)
Funding Scheme: auDA Foundation Grants
Total Funding: $40,000.00
SEAD: Seagrass enhancement via Ariel Drones
From: 30/11/2021 to 02/03/2024
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 3: Industry and Other)
Funding Scheme: Australian Ethical Foundation - Project funding
Total Funding: $90,909.09
Smart Sensor Systems for Parks Water Management in Cairns Regional Council area
From: 18/03/2019 to 17/12/2020
Grant: Contract Research (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Cairns Regional Council
Total Funding: $168,083.64
Caring for carers of people with dementia: Harnessing Innovation through deploying leading edge technologies to enable virtual support groups and services
From: 01/07/2017 to 31/12/2020
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Dementia and Aged Care Services Fund
Total Funding: $744,453.00
Improving the Affordability of Internet access for Indigenous Community
From: 01/07/2016 to 28/02/2018
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 3)
Funding Scheme: auDA Foundation Grants
Total Funding: $21,955.08
Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 4011 Environmental Engineering
  • 4604 Cybersecurity and privacy
  • 4606 Distributed computing and systems software
  • 4611 Machine learning

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently available to supervise more research candidates
Current Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy
Smart Irrigation Management Model Using Intelligent Internet of Things
Principal Supervisor
Doctor of Philosophy
Principal Supervisor
Master of Research
Proactive Fault Detection using Machine Learning to Aid Predictive Maintenance in Photovoltaic Systems.
Principal Supervisor
Master of Research
Smart supply Chain including Blockchain and IoT
Principal Supervisor
Master of Research
Improving security by detecting and preventing attacks in the IoT network using Machine Learning.
Principal Supervisor
Master of Research
Analysis of Domestic Energy Management in Victoria
Associate Supervisor
Master of Research
Comprehensive Analysis of Mitigating the Losses for Photovoltaic Panels to Enhance the Conversion Efficiency of Output Power
Associate Supervisor
Research Interests
Information And Computing Sciences

Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing - Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
Data analysis for modeling using pattern identification; Data mining for prediction and forecasting.

Information And Computing Sciences

Data Format - Data Encryption
Privacy of information systems for mHealth, IoT, and Cloud

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