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Dr. Mike Malouf

Senior Lecturer - Aviation
School of Engineering and Technology
13 - G-14
About Me

I have an aviation career spanning 45 years and continue to be fascinated with new developments in the industry. As owner of 2 international aviation companies, I have acted in a number of capacities including chief pilot, safety manager and compliance manager. In my years of flying I have amassed a few thousand flying hours, have held an ATPL (frozen), a multi-engine command instrument rating, a basic gas turbine rating and an Aerial Operating Certificate. More recently I've become involved in drones (RPA) for which I've written a university-level degree course and have acquired a CASA license with a beyond line of sight endorsement.

I have lectured/supervised in aviation at the undergraduate and graduate level at CQU, Massey & Griffith Universities and am excited about the aviation courses being rolled out at CQU. 

I hold a PhD in aviation that I obtained through UniSA. My area of research was international civil aviation with particular emphasis on the Chicago Convention that serves as civil aviation's safety charter today. 


My passion from childhood has been aviation and education. From my days as a young secondary school teacher I was of the opinion that education is not so much the filling of a bucket as the lighting of a fire. To develop a love of learning in students has always been my motivation. As a teacher with a CPL I started aviation clubs in each school I taught and put many students through their PPL. The last school I taught at was situated close to an airport and it was then I realised I wanted to fly for a living.  Although I never flew the big jets, I am grateful for the experiences I've had and the people I've met along the way. Having owned and leased many aircraft has taught me many things, especially the importance of safety in such a high risk environment. 

Having completed a dissertation at the Masters level followed by quantitative/qualitative research for my PhD, I have grown to enjoy exploring, investigating and making sense of things poorly understood. I am currently supervising 2 candidates who are deeply involved in aviation matters. 

Universities Studied At

Auckland University- BSc

Waikato University - Diploma in Teaching

Massey University - Research Methods in Aviation

Griffith University - Master of Aviation Management

UniSA - PhD

Universities Worked At

Massey University

Griffith University

Central Queensland University


Griffith Award for Academic Excellence

Previous teaching

Massey University

Griffith University

Central Queensland University

Vocational Education Teaching

Secondary High School Teaching

Professional Experience

Managing Director and Chief Pilot -Tasman Aerial Photography

Managing Director, Imagine Photographics (Aust) Pty Ltd

Managing Director, Worldtech (NZ) Limited

Managing Director, UCCOL Pty Ltd

Owner/Managing Director, Thornlands Surgery

Managing Director, Enlightened House Pty Ltd

Professional Memberships

Fellow Australian Institute of Management

Member Australian Aviation Psychology Association


Senior Lecturer (Aviation). Member of the Foundation team developing and lecturing courses in aviation from UAVs to ATPL. I encourage students, aviators and anyone in the aviation industry who has a desire for research to consider a topic they are interested in investigating.

Managing Director - Leadership, motivating employees, delegating responsibilities, encouraging and empowering staff to achieving common goals, communicating with all stakeholders, negotiating with all stakeholders, PR work including presentations and sales pitch,dealing with multi-faceted business operations including business opportunities, finances, safety, well being of employees, compliance, planning and forecasting, meeting milestones and targets, ensuring good market knowledge, and identifying market changes/drivers, complex problem solving and effective decision-making

Medical Centre-owner and managing director -

1. Developed manuals and procedures for accreditation through AGPAL.

2. Sat on the local referencing committee of Medicare Local (Capalaba), for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders “Closing the Gap” program

3. Implemented Chronic Disease Management among Indigenous people by holding surgery sessions specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders 4. Reduced the number of Indigenous patients presenting at Redlands Hospital hospitals

5. Had my doctors, receptionists, nurses and practice manager trained in cultural awareness

6. Signed an MOU with Goori House (Cleveland) to work with Indigenous ex-prisoners and drug users to rehabilitate them and provide the medical attention and counselling they needed

7. Instituted a full stable of Allied Health professionals including audiologist, podiatrist, speech therapist, remedial massage therapist, optometrist, psychologist, dietitian, and physiotherapist.

8. Contracted a good mix of male and female medical doctors (including a psychiatrist) and managed to acquire 3 DWS/Workforce Shortage positions

9. Obtained TGA approval for Russian medical devices for pain relief which was used in the practice

10. Began search into stem-cell therapy for Stroke, Brain trauma and Cerebral Palsy patients. At the time of writing, have found a group of neurosurgeons in China under the direction of lead neurosurgeon Dr An to be having remarkable success across the diseases listed above and have formed a relationship with he and his staff in Beijing. 

Professional Interests

All aspects of pilot training including VR, AR, and MR

Geographical Information Systems and aerial photogrammetry

Safety Management Systems applicable to aviation

 Advances in aviation such as the "Flying V"',  use of photovoltaic panels for zero-fuel aircraft, photon-powered planes, such as the Solar Impulse craft, the emergence of battery-powered commercial jets, and the use of 3D printing to manufacture aircraft parts.

Drone applications across different industries 

Key Achievements

Successfully ran a prosperous business that won over 11,000 contracts doing photogrammetry and low-level obliques for private and public sector in both Australia and New Zealand. One of first businesses to bring Geographical Information Systems to aerial photography in the early 1990's.

Established and managed Worldtech – a company that sold and distributed personal computers for clients of Tasman Aerial Photography in both New Zealand and Australia. Clients used the computers to drive our proprietary GIS software and digital photomaps.

Established UCCOL and led a team of academics to provide education pathway opportunities for South Pacific Islanders and other “Nesians” living in the Logan to Gold Coast corridor.

Under Enlightened House, trained many companies including multi-nationals, in business, leadership and project management. Completed evaluations and GAP analysis to uplift business performance.

Established, owned and managed Thornlands Surgery,a local medical practice, comprising doctors, nurses, allied health workers and support staff. Was a member of the Redland's medical referencing committee for Closing the Gap and offered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island a standard of medical service commensurate with other Australians. Established a Pain Clinic with an anaesthetist.

Under the direction of Dr Yihua An (Beijing, China) and several neurosurgeons,I attempted to establish a stem cell clinic and blood bank in Brisbane for treating a variety of neurological diseases including spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple system atrophy, Parkinson disease and cerebellar atrophy.

Developed and taught the first drone unit at a university that was part of an aviation degree. 

Consultancy Work

Stem Cell Therapy: Cord Blood and Tissue Bank. Treatment referrals to LA and China for patients with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries including stroke.
Participating panelist of experts developing Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering for Aviators 
Developing and promoting University-based Aviation Programs (one of which has been implemented by Griffith University)
Policy and Procedure Manuals for Dentistry (Tooth Booth)
Operations Manuals for Aviation
Writing and Establishing Quality Management Systems in aviation
Writing and Establishing Safety Management systems in aviation
Auditing Processes of Whole Operation
Tier 1 and 2 Medical Recruitment of Doctors for my medical practice-including overseeing 457 visas

Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 4001 Aerospace Engineering
  • 3109 Zoology
  • 3002 Agriculture, Land and Farm Management

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently available to supervise more research candidates
No Supervisions to display.
Research Interests
Commerce, Management, Tourism And Services

Transportation and Freight Services - Air Transportation and Freight Services
Chicago Convention Safety in international civil aviation-air transportation ICAO


Other Education - Education not elsewhere classified
Flight training including VR AR and MR Selection criteria for astronauts training


Aerospace Engineering - Aerodynamics (excl. Hypersonic Aerodynamics)
Coanda effect and Bernoulli theorem-how they can be better understood and incorporated to improve lift


Aerospace Engineering - Aircraft Performance and Flight Control Systems
New ergonomic designs in cockpit layout

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