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Dr. Danielle Every

PhD School of Psychology, University of AdelaideB. Psych (Hons) Charles Sturt University
Senior Lecturer - Positive Psychology
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Appleton Institute
(08) 8378 4521
About Me

I am a social psychologist with an interest in teaching and research with vulnerable groups. At CQUniversity I teach applied skills for working with people in one on one and group settings, understanding ourselves and others' through the lens of culture, and collective wellbeing. I also teach sessionally in qualitative research and on sex and gender. As a teacher, my aim is to create transformative experiential learning environments which foster insights into ourselves, others and our world in order to apply these skills to social issues. Inclusivity is deeply important to me, and I both aim for this in my teaching and also foster this in students. In my former role as a Senior Researcher I studied extreme weather and homelessness, the social impacts of bushfires, psychological prepareness for disasters, and the social exclusion of refugees and asylum seekers. Outside of the University, I am a mindfulness teacher and I currently work with people in aged care facilities. I am studying a Diploma in Dementia Care to support that work. I am a committed actor in environmental and social issues. 


My academic journey began with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Charles Sturt University, where I studied as a distance student. I came to Adelaide to take a PhD at the University of Adelaide, exploring the use of language to justify the measures taken against asylum seekers and refugees. My early work explored anti-racism, particularly in interpersonal settings. At CQUniversity I became part of a team of researchers exploring bushfire preparedness and impacts, and later I specialied in how people experiencing homelessness navigate extreme weather. This work has become part of the practical and policy responses for protecting people experiencing homelessness during disasters. After this work came to a conclusion, with the successful trial of a peer-led extreme weather preparation program with homelessness in South Australia, I focused more on teaching. Previously I had taught Qualitative Research Methods and Social Psychology. I moved into the Masters of Applied Positive Psychology, where I teach practical skills for working with others in a coaching and group environment. This teaching focus is supported by my training as a counsellor and psychotherapist and a mindfulness teacher (Grad Dip Counselling and Psychotherapy Adelaide University; Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Teacher Mindfulness Training Institute Australia; mindfulness and compassion teacher Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, University of California). I am a long-term meditator, a committee member on the Sydney Insight Meditation Society, and I teach mindfulness and compassion at Eldercare aged care facility, where I also work one-on-one with residents to support their mental health and wellbeing. I am active in community connection projects which have an environmental focus, and regularly fund raise for not-for-profits supporting homelessness, women's education and animal welfare. I am a committed gardener for supporting food security and native regeneration, repairer and environmentalist.

Universities Studied At

Charles Sturt University

University of Adelaide

University of Tasmania

Universities Worked At

University of Adelaide

University of South Australia

Central Queensland University

Previous teaching

Qualitative Research Methods

Critical, Cultural Social Psychology

Industry Reports

Reynolds, A., Every, D., Keen-Dyer, H., Trigg, J., Dyer, M., Miller-Rose, P. (2018) Community and agency perspectives on community mental/emotional disaster risk and preparedness. CQUniversity Appleton Institute, ISBN 1-921047-64-0

Every, D. (2017). Building a resilience-focused bushfire safety education framework: A scoping and feasibility study. South Australian Country Fire Service.

Hanson-Easey, S., Every, D., Tehan, B., Richardson, J. & Krakowiczer, A. (2017). Climate change, housing and homelessness: Report on the homelessness and climate change forum. NCCARF Vulnerable Communities Network: Melbourne

Every, D. & Richardson, J. (2017). Building the disaster resilience of the homeless community. Australian Red Cross.

Every, D. (2016). Homelessness and Severe Storms and Floods: A case study of June 2016 East Coast Low. Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.

Every, D., Reynolds, A., Clarkson, L., Bearman, C., Matthews, R., Haigh, L. & Dawson, D. (2016) Community Experiences of the Sampson Flat Bushfire. SA CFS.

Every, D. (2015). Disaster risk education, community connection and emergency information for people experiencing homelessness. Victorian State Emergency Services.


Thompson, K., Every, D., Cornell, V., Rainbird, S., Thompson, B. and Trigg, J. (2014). Animal Attachment and Disaster Resilience in Vulnerable Communities in Australia: A Literature Review. Report prepared for World Society for the Protection of Animals

Lejukole, J., Rainbird, S., Blewett, V., Every, D., Clarkson, L. (2012). Pathways to employment for South and North Sudanese communities resettled in South Australia: Implications for policy, programs and research.

Every, D., Augoustinos, M., Ranzijn, R., Guerin, B., Hanson-Easey, S., (2012) Submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission Inquiry into a National Anti-racism Strategy.

Every, D., Rainbird, S., Procter, N. Sebben, B., Thompson, K. (2012) Social impacts of the Inverbrackie Alternative Place of Detention on the local community. Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Every, D. (2010) Gambling in CALD and non-CALD media in Australia. Report for Gambling Research, Australia.

Every, D. and Blewett, V. (2011). Mapping the future research agenda on the psychosocial working environment and musculoskeletal disorders. Report for Safework South Australia.

Porter, E. Mundkur, A. & Every, D. (2010), ‘Final Report: Women, Peace and Security’ in AusAID Partner Countries: Analysis of the Impact of UN Resolution 1325’, Gender Coordination Unit, AusAID.


Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 1701 Psychology
  • 1701 Psychology

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently available to supervise more research candidates
Current Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy
Mechanisms of change in a mindfulness resiliency intervention
Associate Supervisor
Doctor of Philosophy
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Principal Supervisor
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Psychology And Cognitive Sciences

Psychology - Social and Community Psychology

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