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Dr. Shaneel Chandra

BSc, MSc, GCTT (USP), PhD (Macquarie)
Senior Lecturer - Chemistry/HOC - Science
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre, Institute for Future Farming Systems
(07) 4930 9219
+61749309219 Alternative Phone
Rockhampton North
361 - 1-13
About Me

Shaneel is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry at CQUniversity. He is an analytical chemist by training and his research focuses on several analytical the development of analytical sensors. These sensors find applications in disease detection, environmental monitoring and food quantification. His projects also include analytical detection methods for various applications and several multidisciplinary studies. He also has collaborations with scientists from several areas including microbiologists, public health professionals, human factors specialists, sleep psychologists and the industry. For a detailed view of Shaneel’s research interests and outputs, please do have a look at his publications.

There is a strong push to widen the research footprint of Science within the University while aligning to CQUniversity’s research strengths. If you are potential student, collaborator, or industry representative and would like to solve analytical questions, develop a research project, or request a consultancy with Shaneel, please drop him an email or call him directly.


Dr Shaneel Chandra is a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry. He has a PhD from Macquarie University in Sydney as well as Master's degree from the University of the South Pacific (USP).  Prior to joining CQU, has been at the USP.  

Please feel free to visit through this site and pages, and keep checking for updated news and developments, as well as research openings.

Universities Studied At

The University of the South Pacific

Macquarie University

Universities Worked At

Fiji National University (2002)

The University of the South Pacific (2003 - 2015)

Macquarie University (2007 - 2010)


2019 - Publication Recognition Award - Academic Level C

2018 - Publication Recognition Award - Academic Level B

2014 - Winner of Vice Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award – The University of the South Pacific

2014 - Tour Leader for Samoa – 2014 Emerging Pacific Leaders’ Dialogue (EPLD)

2002 - Recipient of Best Master of Science Thesis Gold Medal – 2002, The University of the South Pacific

Media Citations
Previous teaching

The University of the South Pacific (2005 - 2015)

Analytical Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry

General Chemistry

Nanotechnological application of sensors


Corrosion Chemistry

Fiji National University (2002)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Professional Experience

Analytical Chemistry

Development and characterization (using spectrometric, electrochemical and microscopic) techniques of materials


Sensor development

Environmental analysis (soil, sediment and water)

Professional Memberships

International Society for Electrochemistry

Royal Australian Chemical Institute


Head of Course for Science - CQUniversity (May 2018 - August 2022)

CQU Chemistry ERA submission - 2022 Round

Professional Interests

Community advising and awareness on

Water quality and screening

Soil health

Science Outreach to Schools and Community

Major environmental issues and their possible remedies

Queensland Office of the Chief Scientist - Flying Scientist Program

Key Achievements

2022 - Part of the pilot CQU Research Leadership Intensive Program which mentors emerging research leaders. 

2020 - Part of CQU Internal Mid-Career Researcher Training Program which is a career advancement program for mid-career researchers.

2017 - Part of CQU Early Career Research Training Program which helps develop early an career researcher profile.

2014 – Established the Medica Pacific (Fiji) Limited Award (sponsor of student awards for highest summative assessment)

2014 – Established collaboration with Federation University, Australia

2013 – Development of the Nanosensing Laboratory at the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at the University of the South Pacific

2012 – Incorporation of nanotechnology into teaching at the University of the South Pacific

2008 – Established collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Lindfield, Sydney, NSW.

2010 – Established collaboration with Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW.

2010 – Established collaboration with the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW.

Computer Software

Origin Pro

Unscrambler X (PCA software)

Sigma Plot

Adobe suite

Microsoft suite

Consultancy Work

2020 - Chief Investigator on Train odours - management and mitigation

2013 – Reviewer for Year 12 Chemistry curricular for Ministry of Education, The Government of Fiji

2011Ministry of Trade and Productivity, The Government of Fiji (consultancy, pro bono in community interest)

Recent Research Projects
Assessing presence of emerging contaminants of concern (ECCs) associated with wastewater treatment plant discharges
From: 17/05/2022 to 17/05/2023
Grant: Contract Research (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Contract Research - Mackay Regional Council through QWRAP - Assessing Queensland Emerging Contaminants of Concern Assessing Queensland Emerging Contaminants of Concern
Total Funding: $69,708.00
'Total nitrogen' - a biosensor for in-situ applications
From: 19/08/2020 to 06/10/2024
Grant: Scholarship (Not Specified )
Funding Scheme: Co-Funded Scholarship - Mackay/Whitsunday Regional Councils/CQUniversity
Total Funding: $0.00
South Trees Inlet: Fish Health and Mud Crab Assessment Options
From: 18/02/2020 to 14/02/2022
Grant: Contract Research (Category 3: Industry and Other)
Funding Scheme: Queensland Alumina Ltd
Total Funding: $202,577.00
Train odours - management and mitigation
From: 20/03/2020 to 30/04/2021
Grant: Contract Research (Category 3: Industry and Other)
Funding Scheme: Bombardier Transportation Australia Pty Ltd
Total Funding: $213,041.55
Integration of Physicochemical Processes for Treatment of Oilfield Wastewater RP06
From: 01/08/2018 to 31/12/2020
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 3: Industry and Other)
Funding Scheme: Australian College of Kuwait
Total Funding: $15,747.50
Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 3499 Other Chemical Sciences
  • 3006 Food Sciences
  • 4018 Nanotechnology
  • 3701 Atmospheric Sciences
  • 3401 Analytical Chemistry
  • 3403 Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry
  • 3703 Geochemistry
  • 4106 Soil Sciences
  • 3406 Physical chemistry
  • 4105 Pollution and contamination

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently available to supervise more research candidates
Current Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy
Development of an electrochemical sensor for the real time analysis of total dissolved inorganic nitrogen in situ<p><br></p>
Principal Supervisor
Research Interests
Chemical Science

Analytical Chemistry - Electroanalytical Chemistry
I continue to work in electrochemical methods towards a variety of analytical determinations. Please feel free to visit my research interests links on this website as well as

Chemical Science

Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry - Nanochemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry
Increasingly, novel electrode surface modifications are exploring the nanotechnology realm and my research is no different! I work on both polymeric as well as metallic nanomaterials for ultra-trace detection. Please feel free to visit my research interests links on this website as well as

Chemical Science

Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural - Electrochemistry
Interfacial chemistry is finding a resurgence. As an electrochemist, the study of reaction kinetics at the surface is essential to understanding mass transfer rates and achieving detection efficiencies.

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science and Management - Environmental Monitoring
As analytical chemists, we are in a position to be able to assist in monitoring lability of species in a variety of environments. Therefore, I am interested in measuring mobilization, release and lability of toxins. Please feel free to visit my research interests links on this website as well as


Medical Biotechnology - Medical Biotechnology Diagnostics (incl. Biosensors)
As a researcher who has worked in sensor development, my interest continues in biomedical applications, such as early detection of disease biomarkers using sensitive and selective techniques. Please feel free to visit my research interests links on this website as well as

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