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Dr. Bradley Smith

BPsych(Hons), PhD
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Appleton Institute
Appleton Institute - 1.58
44 Greenhill Road, Wayville, SA 5034
About Me

I am a Senior Lecturer based at the Adelaide Campus (Appleton Institute), where I teach into the undergraduate psychology course.

My area of research combines my background in comparative psychology and ethology with a multidisciplinary approach to the study of animal behaviour and human-animal interactions. My research largely focuses on canines (particularly dingoes), where I cover various topics such as cognition, behaviour, anatomy, the history of canids and their relationship with Indigenous Australians, domestication, the behaviour and enrichment of zoo animals, and the non-lethal management of carnivores. I am also interested in all things relating to human-animal interactions, including attitudes to wildlife, nature, and carnivores, as well as topics such as human-animal co-sleeping, animal-assisted therapy, and managing animals during natural disasters.

In 2019 I started a research group, 'Smith Human-Wildlife Coexistence Lab' (see Members of the lab include staff and students based at CQUniversity, as well as collaborators from around the globe. We focus on exploring ways to foster co-existence between humans and wildlife. This involves examining the nature of human attitudes toward wildlife, the impact of humans on wildlife, and finding solutions to resolving the conflict. Our lab seeks to develop and test innovative ways to non-lethally manage Australian carnivores, as well as exploring ways to resolve the human elements of conflict in a way that meets the needs and views of all stakeholders.

Outside of teaching and research, I serve as a member of the CQUniversity Animal Ethics Committee (Cat B member); the scientific director of the Australian Dingo Foundation; and on the ‘Dingo Working Group’ under the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Species Survival Commission, Canid Specialist Group.

For more information, and to keep up with my research activities, please visit my personal website

Universities Studied At

Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 3002 Agriculture, Land and Farm Management
  • 5299 Other psychology
  • 3109 Zoology
  • 4102 Ecological Applications

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently available to supervise more research candidates
Current Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy
Determining the impacts of dingoes on livestock production: A case study from Central West NSW.
Principal Supervisor
Doctor of Philosophy
How social norms maintain ridden horse management and training practices and their impact on horse welfare, equestrian accidents and injuries, and rider satisfaction.
Associate Supervisor
Doctor of Philosophy
Gambling with your heard or heart? An exploration of gambling fallacies and gambling expectancies
Associate Supervisor
Complete Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy
The Effects of Temperature, Sleep Restriction, and Physical Activity on the Sleep Architecture and Cognitive Performance of Volunteer Firefighters During Various Simulated Wildland Fireground Tours. 
Associate Supervisor
Research Interests
Biological Sciences

Evolutionary Biology - Behavioural Ecology

Biological Sciences

Evolutionary Biology - Ethology and Sociobiology

Biological Sciences

Zoology - Animal Behaviour

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science and Management - Conservation and Biodiversity

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science and Management - Wildlife and Habitat Management

Psychology And Cognitive Sciences

Psychology - Psychology not elsewhere classified

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