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Dr. Karena Menzie-Ballantyne

School of Education and the Arts
Senior Lecturer - Education
School of Education and the Arts
Centre for Research in Equity & Advancement of Teaching & Education (CREATE)
Building 5 - Room G33
About Me

My passion, area of research, and RHD supervision is educating for global citizenship, global competence and sustainable development. In particular, I am interested in practically-oriented, evidence-based research around educators' interpretation and implementation of curricula, pedagogies, and whole school approaches that foster active and global citizenship, student voice and agency, and the knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and actions of global competence.

As a co-facilitator of the Empower: Education for Global Competence and Sustainable Development research cluster, under CREATE, I am actively engaged in a number of research projects with the Queensland Department of Education and with organisations and individuals throughout the Asia Pacific region, with the intent of amplifying voices and research in the field from the southern hemisphere and the Global South.

As a Senior lecturer and initial teacher educator, based at the Bundaberg campus, I also bring this research into my Humanities and Social Sciences teaching units in in the Bachelor of Education and Master of Teaching courses, highlighting that global citizenship is a mindset, not a geographic location or 'something else to teach'.

Universities Studied At

Bachelor of Arts - University of Tasmania
Bachelor of Education - University of Queensland
Masters of Educational Studies - University of Queensland
Doctorate of Education - CQUniversity
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - CQUniversity

Universities Worked At

Prior to joining CQUniversity, I have developed and taught courses in Humanities and Social Sciences, Civics and Citizenship Education, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures, and Global Citizenship at:

  • Australian Catholic University (ACU),
  • Queensland University of Technology (QUT),

  • University of Queensland (UQ),

  • University of Tasmania (UTas).


2022 Vice Chancellor's Award for Research (Early Career Researcher)

Media Citations
Previous teaching

Professional Memberships

Asialink Leaders Program Alumni -  graduate 2014 cohort
Social and Citizenship Education Association of Australia (SCEAA) 
Social Citizenship Educators Association of Queensland (SCEAQ) 
Academic Network of Global Education and Learning (ANGEL)
UNESCO Asia Pacific Global Citizenship Education (GCED) Network

Recent Research Projects
Global Competence Pilot Program (GCPP) - Addition to Phase 2
From: 27/08/2021 to 16/12/2022
Grant: Government Tender (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Education Queensland International - DEi Strategy, Global Engagement funding
Total Funding: $39,995.00
Global Competence Pilot Program (GCPP) - Phase 2
From: 25/01/2021 to 16/12/2022
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Education Queensland International - DEi Strategy, Global Engagement funding
Total Funding: $42,527.96
Improving institutional pathways between vocational and higher education in science and engineering disciplines
From: 10/12/1815 to 03/07/2023
Grant: Scholarly project (Not Specified )
Funding Scheme: CQU Learning and Teaching Research and Development Grants 2021
Total Funding: $0.00
Global Citizen Education - A Passport to Social Cohesion: including the Global Leaders Development Program
From: 25/01/2021 to 30/11/2021
Grant: Competitive Grant (Category 3: Industry and Other)
Funding Scheme: Global Learning Centre
Total Funding: $8,350.91
Global Competence Pilot Program (Phase 1)
From: 12/05/2020 to 17/12/2021
Grant: Contract Research (Category 2: Other Public Sector)
Funding Scheme: Education Queensland International - DEi Strategy, Global Engagement funding
Total Funding: $40,998.06
A maker approach using craft and wearables to engage girls in digital technologies and coding
From: 25/07/2016 to 31/03/2017
Grant: Competitive Grant (Not Specified )
Funding Scheme: DET - 2016 Education Horizon Research Grants
Total Funding: $0.00
Global Citizenship for Sustainability (GCS) Marine Project 1600
From: 01/04/2015 to 31/03/2016
Grant: Contract Research (Category 3)
Funding Scheme: Centre for Environment Education Australia Incorporated
Total Funding: $10,909.09
Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 3999 Other Education
  • 3901 Curriculum and Pedagogy
  • 3903 Education Systems
  • 3904 Specialist Studies in Education

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently unavailable to supervise more research candidates
Current Supervision
Doctor of Philosophy
<p>What do the lived experiences and perceptions of Australian secondary school teachers regarding Virtual Exchange (VE) reveal about VE’s potential to support global competence?</p>
Principal Supervisor
Doctor of Education
Conceptualising and implementing education for global competence: a study of graduating teachers’ perceptions, beliefs and understandings.
Principal Supervisor
Doctor of Philosophy
Developing global competence in classrooms and exploration of the teachers’ approaches in primary schools of Punjab, Pakistan
Associate Supervisor
Master of Research
How do secondary school teachers develop critical thinking skills among students by using digital technology?
Principal Supervisor
Doctor of Philosophy
A Study on How Teachers Incorporate the 4Cs Skills to Meet Student Learning Needs
Associate Supervisor
Master of Research
The Perceived Readiness of First Year Teachers Teaching Literacy
Associate Supervisor
Research Interests

Curriculum and Pedagogy - Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development
Education for global competence, active and global citizenship, sustainable development, student agency and student voice

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