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Dr. Tieneke Trotter

B.Sc.Agr., Ph.D.
Lecturer - Agriculture
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Institute for Future Farming Systems
Rockhampton North
CQIRP 361 - G.40
About Me

I am a crop and pasture agronomist with a background in ecology and management of perennial weeds in pastures.  My current research involves assessing agronomy and plant phenology for emerging cropping industries in northern Australia with a focus on spice and pulse crops.  I have worked on a number of research and consultancy projects utilising remote sensing, GIS and agri-tech to monitor the impacts of mining on agricultural and natural environments.  I enjoy engaging with, and teaching the next generation of agricultural professionals and working with industry to solve problems to improve production opportunities and sustainability. I maintain a network of collaborators across the USA and have hosted student exchanges, provided lectures to students and staff and coordinate academic exchanges with a number of universities including The Ohio State, New Mexico State, Kansas State and Oklahoma State.


I studied my undergraduate degree at The University of Sydney in a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a major in agronomy.  I worked with the CRC for Sustainable Rice Production in the Riverina region of NSW where I completed a research scholarship and my Honours thesis.  I continued my study at the University of New England where I completed a PhD in the ecology and management of a perennial pasture weed, whilst honing my skills in precision agricultural techniques and invasive species population modelling.  After completion of my PhD, I continued to work at UNE on a two year postdoctoral program where I assessed the impacts of longwall mining on agricultural environments using remote sensing and GIS.  During this time I delivered undergraduate teaching units in the Agronomy and Soil Science and Geography and Planning Departments.  After completion of my postdoctoral fellowship, I left UNE to open an office of Ecological Australia (ELA) in Armidale, NSW where I worked as a Senior Consultant.  During this time I worked broadly with ELA across Australia and with our small team in Armidale to secure and deliver consultancy projects and research grants in mining, agricultural and environmental monitoring and assessment.  During a career break taken to raise my two sons I worked as an executive on the Board of Management for a not-for-profit educational organisation where I developed sound skills in business and workforce management.  In 2017 I returned to academia at CQUniversity to continue my career in research and teaching. 

Universities Studied At

The University of Sydney.

The University of New England.

Universities Worked At

The University of New England.



International Weed Science Congress Best Student Paper "Mapping the distribution and spread of Nassella trichotoma (serrated tussock) with a view to improving detectability, containment and eradication. Crop Protection 26 (3):228-231 Mar 2007." The award included a travel scholarship to the Congress in Durban, South Africa.

Previous teaching

University of New England

ENVE335 Remote Sensing

GEPL122 Site and Landscape Assessment

PA335/535 Precision Agriculture

AGSY300 Grazing Systems

AGRO211 Crop and Pasture Ecology

AGRO321 Crop and Pasture Production

EM334 Introduction to GIS


AGRI12002 Crop Protection

AGRI11002 Crop Management Systems

AGRI11002 Plant Science and Crop Production

AGRI12012 Agricultural Service Industry Business Assessment

The Ohio State University

Guest lecture at the ATI (Bachelor of Agriculture - Agronomy and Agricultural Machinery Unit) 

Research Supervision

I am currently accredited for supervision in the following:

  • 3004 Crop and Pasture Production

At the level of Principal Supervisor

Current Capacity
I am currently available to supervise more research candidates
Research Interests
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences

Crop and Pasture Production - Agronomy

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