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Dr. Guy Carton

Ph.D, MSc (hons first class), BSc, PG Dip Ed
Senior Lecturer - Environmental Science
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre
Rockhampton North
7 - G.05
Central Queensland Innovation Research Precinct (CQIRP)
About Me

I teach Biology and Environmental Science from the North Rockhampton campus, joining the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences in 2019 as a senior lecturer in Environmental Science. A central theme of my research revolves around finding answers to three simple questions, 1) how do animals work?, 2) why do animals do what they do?, and 3) how do they response to environmental change? Obtaining answers to these questions often involves taking an integrative approach, working across the fields of ecophysiology (sensory and metabolic), ethology and ecology.

For the most part my research is borne out of simple curiosity, interest and a desire to develop applied solutions to problems. Previous research has ranged from investigating the sensory biology of Antarctica fish, exploring the role of pheromones in migration and spawning in freshwater and marine fish, quantifying the vulnerability of an Australian iconic species barramundi to future climate change, and investigating maternal factors that influence egg quality in commercially exploited marine fish.

From left to right: Antarctic toothfish caught during ice hole fishing (Ross Island, Antarctica). Testing the olfactory sensitivity of the freshwater Banded kokopu to migratory pheromones (University of Minnesota, USA). Studying the spawning behaviour of Sea bream in broodstock tanks using underwater cameras (Leigh Marine Laboratory, New Zealand). Measuring oxygen consumption in juvenile barramundi (James Cook University, Australia). Tracking development in early stage Coral trout eggs (Orpheus Island Research Station, Great Barrier Reef, Australia).
If you are interested in pursuing post-graduate studies (Hons, MSc, PhD) please drop me a line, in the first instance via email to identify common interests and potential projects.


I teach five units (subjects) 

  • Life Science Laboratory (BIOL11102) centers on understanding the role that biology plays in the fields of science, environmental science, and agriculture
  • Environmental Monitoring (ENVR11014) focuses on learning the basics of ecosystem science and skill sets necessary to carry out environmental research
  • Applied Ecology (ENVR12002) deals with the science of understanding and managing natural living resources
  • Australian Vertebrate Fauna (ZOOL19002) provides tools for understanding the past, current, and future vertebrate fauna of Australia  
  • Environmental Physiology of Animals (ZOOL13015) principally focuses on how animals work and how they respond to environmental challenges

There is a strong emphasis on developing a wide range of skill sets by combining theoretical and practical work, this is in both laboratory and field-based settings. These units are a part of the Agriculture, Science, Environmental Science and Education (Secondary, science and biology) Bachelor’s degrees at CQU.