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Amy Reynolds

D.Phil(Soc.Science), M.SciMed(Clin Epi) B.Psych(Hons), Dip.Gov(Contract Mgmt)
Senior Lecturer and Honours Research Co-ordinator
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
Adelaide - Appleton Institute
About Me

Amy is a clinical epidemiologist and senior lecturer in Psychology and Public Health. Based at the Appleton Institute at CQUniversity Australia's Adelaide Campus, Amy's research interests include

  • Shift work, sleep and health
  • Microbiota changes with insufficient sleep
  • Broader sleep health awareness for the general public
  • Developing education and awareness of the impact of shift work on health
  • Psychological preparedness for natural disaster

Amy's PhD was conferred in February 2015, and was entitled 'The Impact of Insufficient Sleep on Healthy Functioning in Men'. She focussed on the effects on insufficient sleep and shift work on men's health, with a particular emphasis on the metabolic consequences of poor sleep. Her PhD work involved sleep laboratory manipulation of sleep duration, and working on the large community-dwelling cohort study MAILES: Men, Androgens, Inflammation, Lifestyle, Environment and Stress based in Adelaide.

Amy's current interests are the role of intestinal microbiota on health, and how shift work (particularly sleep loss, circadian misalignment) alters profiles in the gut. She is particularly passionate about applied research, and translating findings from the laboratory into real-world changes for shift workers and other members of society who experience insufficient sleep. This has driven her interest in working with Emergency Services personnel to ensure best outcomes for workers and society as a whole.

Amy has worked at the University of Western Australia on the WA pregnancy cohort study (RAINE), and during her time in WA secured industry funding within the mining sector looking at fatigue interventions for FIFO workers.

Universities Studied At

The Flinders University of South Australia (2004-05)

University of South Australia (2006-09; B.Psych(Hons))

University of South Australia (2010-15; PhD(Psychology)

Universities Worked At

University of South Australia (2010-2012)

University of Western Australia (2012-2014)

CQUniversity Australia (2015-current)


2016    Australasian Sleep Association Helen Bearpark Memorial Scholarship recipient

2016    Invited Researcher: Alfred P Sloan Foundation Early Career Researcher workshop

2016    CQUniversity Australia Early Career Researcher program

2015    Freemason's Foundation Trevor Prescott Memorial Scholarship recipient

2011    Australasian Chronobiology Society doctoral student conference award

2010    European Sleep Research Society travel award (Lisbon, Portugal)

2009    Chancellor's letters of commendation (University of South Australia)

2007    Lawbook Company prize for achievement in Criminal Justice: Psychology, Crime and the Law (Flinders)

2007    Chancellor's letters of commendation (University of South Australia)

Media Citations

2016-2017: Sealy Australia Sleep Expert

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Radio Interview Impact of sleep on the human gut microbiome. ABC Regional (Chrissy Arthur), 26th February 2016

Radio Interview Testosterone and sleep in men. 774 ABC Melbourne (talkback with Red Symons), October 2015

Previous teaching


Individual Differences and Assessment (current)

Research for Emergency and Disaster Management (current)

Advanced Methods in Psychology


Honours Research Project (A and B)

Research Methods in Clinical Psychology

Honours thesis supervision

Professional Experience

2008-2010: Counseling and Behavioural Intervention Specialist 

2007: Gradaute, Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations

Professional Memberships

Australasian Sleep Association (2010-current)

Australasian Sleep Association Membership committee (2015-current)

Australasian Chronobiology Society (2010-current)

Working Time Society (2017-current)

Professional Interests

  • Shift work and health
  • Sleep loss, inflammation and metabolic dysfunction
  • Sleep health education and awareness

Research Interests
Psychology And Cognitive Sciences

Other Psychology and Cognitive Sciences - Psychology and Cognitive Sciences not elsewhere classified

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