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Ms Jacqueline McNamara

PhD Candidate (CSU), BCW, BSW, MHlthSc (Research) (CQUniversity)
Social Work Field Education Coordinator
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences
Rockhampton North
18 - 1.22
About Me

I am an associate lecturer in the social work field education team, located at the CQU North Rockhampton campus. I am a proud CQU social work graduate and a current PhD candidate. My practice framework as a social worker is reflective of my strong commitment to social justice and with this, significant interest in challenging the intersecting systems of oppression that disadvantage women and girls.


My social work background is varied and I have worked across different fields of practice ranging from statutory child and family work, domestic violence, hospital and mental health as well as private practice. I have also been teaching in to social work programs at various universities across Australia for the past 7 years. And more recently, have been research focused, with particular interest in exploring and advocating for the professional identity of women social workers through my PhD research.

Universities Studied At

CQUniversity - BCW, BSW, MHlthSc (Research), Charles Sturt University - PhD (current)

Universities Worked At

CQUniversity, University of Western Australia, Charles Sturt University, Deakin University, James Cook University. 


Awarded Charles Sturt University AGRTP (Post Graduate Award) scholarship, $108,000, 2019 – 2022, Awarded UPRA (Post Graduate Award) scholarship, $50,000, 2015 – 2017.

Media Citations

CQUniversity (2015), “Reconciling Humanistic Values with Stark Reality of Social Work Profession”, CQUninews, available:

Previous teaching

SOWK14014 – Contemporary Human Services (Teaching – Semester 1, 2016, Grading – Semester 1, 2019)

SOWK11015 – Professional Communication in Human Services (Teaching – Semester 2, 2016, Semester 2, 2018)

SOWK12008 – Theories of Change for Professional Practice 1 (Unit Coordination – Semester 1, 2018)

SOWK12009 – Casework and Case Management (Teaching – Semester 1, 2016 and 2020)

SOWK12011 – Social Group Work and Family Work (Teaching – Semester 2, 2016, Grading – Semester 2, 2020)

SOWK12014 – Ethical Professional Practice (Grading – Semester 2, 2022)

SOWK13009 – Field Education 1 (Field Education Liaison Officer – Semester 1, 2021)

SOWK13011 – Community Practice (Grading – Semester 2, 2017)

SOWK13012 – Professional Practice and Mental Health (Grading – 2015 to 2018)

SOWK13013 - Professional Practice with Children, Youth and Families (Grading – Semester 2, 2021)

SOWK14005 – Advanced Direct Practice (Grading – Semester 1, 2020 and 2021)

SOWK14009 – Field Education 2 (Field Education Liaison Officer – Semester 2, 2021)

SOWK14010 – Integrating Theory and Practice 2 (Grading – Semester 2, 2022)

SOCL19065 – Rural Sociology for Health and Social Services (Teaching staff, grading – Semester 1, 2018)

Professional Experience

Statutory child and family work, mental health, youth work, domestic violence, general/mental health counselling, research, project management, public speaking, higher education (learning and teaching). 

Professional Memberships

Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (MAASW)


CQU BSW Course Reference Group Committee - Member/Organiser

Key Achievements

  • Establishment of the CQU Field Education Child Safety Career Pathways in partnership with the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs (2021 - ongoing)
  • WA AASW Branch Management Committee Member (2017-2018)

Consultancy Work

I have provided consultancy at a local level to social work groups and committees. 

Research Interests
Philosophy And Religious Studies

Philosophy - Feminist Theory

Philosophy And Religious Studies

Philosophy - Hermeneutic and Critical Theory

Philosophy And Religious Studies

Philosophy - Phenomenology

Studies In Human Society

Social Work - Counselling, Welfare and Community Services

Studies In Human Society

Social Work - Social Work not elsewhere classified

Studies In Human Society

Sociology - Social Theory

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