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Mr Jim Andrianopoulos

Associate Lecturer - Numeracy-641961
School of Access Education
Gladstone Marina
1 - G.06-6
About Me

Jim has an interest in all things mathematical in the world and is currently employed in the School of Access Education at CQUniversity. His areas of interest are in mathematics and statistics and their applications in the Sciences.


Jim has many years of experience in teaching mathematics and statistics to undergraduates and has an active interest in advancing mathematical education.

Prior to joining CQUniversity, from 2013 -2020, Jim was employed as a lecturer and marker for NSW TAFE at Meadowbank for Higher Education students for the Bachelor for Information Technology and Data Infrastructure and Engineering Degrees and at the Macquarie University Mathematics Department.

From 1992-2010 he was employed as a lecturer and marker at The University of Adelaide, in the Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics Departments. Where he taught subjects at all the undergraduate levels including topics such as: Introduction to Financial Mathematics, Applied Quantitative Methods in Finance, Mathematics for Information Technology, Discrete Mathematics, Multivariable and Complex Calculus, Real Analysis ,Groups and Rings, Coding and Cryptography, and Logic and Computability.

His current interests include Category Theory and its applications in advancing mathematical understanding and outcomes.

Universities Studied At

B.Ma & Comp Sc.(Hons),Pure Mathematics at the University of Adelaide, S.A. (1988-1991)

MPhil by Research 2015 at Macquarie University, N.S.W. (2013-2015)

Universities Worked At

University of Adelaide (1991-2010)

Macquarie University (2013-2019)

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