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Christelle Catuogno

PhD Biochemistry (Manchester, UK), Bachelor of Nursing (UniSA, Aus)
Dr Christelle Catuogno
School of Access Education
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Gladstone Marina
About Me

I have been working for CQUniversity as full-time staff and casual academic since 2008. I have been involved in teaching, technical research and research management.

I have recently obtained a Bachelor of Nursing and practice as a registered nurse since 2016.

In the past I worked in international research in Canada, France, England and Australia. Initially a biochemist specialised in nanosized drug delivery devices, I have broadened my skills and applied them to the biomedical engineering field. I would classify my research expertise to be in Regenerative Medicine with particular interest in 3D cell culture.

Before joining CQUniversity, I worked in Sydney on the development of a 3D in-vitro model of ovarian tumour that would be utilised to test innovative anti-cancer treatments. Before that, in England and France, I was investigating the culture, viability and differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells and other cells in 3D gel constructs. These projects had applications in cartilage and bone tissue engineering for musculoskeletal tissue repair.

I held a post-doctoral position at McGill University in Montreal in 2002 where I was studying towards the development of a drug delivery system based on polyelectrolyte interactions. The final goal was to develop a nanoparticle composed of multilayer coating of polysaccharides on cationic liposomes. During my stay, I was involved in teaching “controlled drug delivery” to Masters students as part of the biomedical engineering module.

I did my PhD in biochemistry studying the lipid adsorption on zinc-citrate solid particles in 2001. The nanoparticles produced encapsulated antibacterial agents for the delivery to dental plaque bacterial biofilm. We particularly focused on their possible commercialisation by the cosmetic and medical industries.

In Summary, I have research expertise in:

- Drug delivery devices and nanoparticles.

- Cartilage and bone tissue engineering.

- Stem cell research.

- 3D cancer cell culture and tumour tissue modeling.

- Technical & scientific translations French>English<French

Universities Studied At

University of South Australia (Aus)

University of Manchester (UK)

University of Montpellier (France)

Universities Worked At

McGill University (Montreal, Canada)

Universite de Nancy II (Nancy, France)

Queen Mary University of London QMUL (London, UK)

University of Sydney (Sydney, Aus)

CQUniversity (Gladstone / Rockhampton / Noosa, Aus)


UNISA Merit Award 2015

UNISA Merit Award 2014

UNISA Merit Award 2013

Erasmus Program grant recipient 1995

Previous teaching

2016 Evidence Based Nursing NURS11158, Course Marker (CQUni, Aus)Introduction to Biology BIOL40108, Course Marker (CQUni, Aus)
2015 Introduction to Biology BIOL40108, Course Marker (CQUni, Aus)
2014 Introduction to Biology BIOL40108, Course Marker (CQUni, Aus)
2013 Chemistry for Life Sciences CHEM11041, Course Tutor (CQUni, Aus)Introduction to Biology BIOL40108, Course Marker (CQUni, Aus)
2010 Introduction to Forensic Sciences, Course Marker (CQUni, Aus)Macromolecules and Cell Functions BMED19010, Course Coordinator (CQUni, Aus)
2009 Physics Laboratory PHYS11185, Course Tutor (CQUni, Aus)
2008 Physics Laboratory PHYS11185, Course Tutor (CQUni, Aus)
2002 Drug Delivery Systems in Biomedical Engineering (McGill Uni, Canada)

Professional Memberships

Registered Nurse

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