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Ron Balsys

B.App.Sc., M.App.Sc., PhD
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences
(07) 4930 9457
(07) 4939 7619 Alternative Phone
0431 350 869 Mobile Phone
Rockhampton North
30 - 1.17
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Professional Experience


Name: Ron Balsys
Title: Dr.
Phone: 61 7 4939 7619 (H)
61 7 4930 9457 (W)
Mobile: 0431 350869
Email: balsys@cqu,edu,au

Work History

1978 Awarded B. App. Sc. (Physics), CIAE, Rockhampton.
1979 Employed as Geotechnician, Minatome Pty, Ltd.
1980 Tutor, Level 1 Dept. Maths. & Computing, CIAE.
1985 Senior Tutor, Level 2
1987 Lecturer II, level 3, CIAE
1987 AINSE grant for ‘investigative studies of layered metal oxides’
1988 Awarded M. App. Sc. (Physics & Materials), UTS, Sydney.
1989 PEP at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
1992 QEC Gladstone consultancy
1993 NEIS scheme with ICI Yarwin
1994 ANSTO grant for further ‘investigative studies of layered metal oxides’
1994 Senior Lecturer, Level C, UCQ
2001 Awarded PhD (Computer Science), UTS, Sydney.
2001 Five month OSPRO to work on completing publications from PhD.
2003 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Emerging Researchers
2004-2007 Head of School of Information Technology / School of Computing Science
2008-2013 Senior Lecturer, School of Computing Sciences, CQU.

2013-current Senior Lecturer, School Engineering and Technology, CQU

Professional Involvement/Contributions
Member of the Association of Computing Machinery, MACM.
Member IEEE

Academic Achievements

Managing budgets.

Head of School from 2004-2007.
Developing and managing many subject offerings in computing.
Making early use of information technology in production and delivery of material to fulltime and flexible learning students.
Coordination of the BIT (Honours) program for a decade or so.
Research in material science, computer graphics and plant science.

Grants/Industry Grants

AINSE 1987 $ 5000
Qld Electricity Commission, Gladstone. 1992 $ 5000
NEIS Scheme. ICI Yarwin. 1993 $35,000
AINSE/ANSTO 1995 $ 5000

Evonik research services, 2016 $220,000

Synopsis of skills

C/C++, Java, Python, Maya, JavaScript, HTML5, XML, Android SDK, Arduino, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, Lisp, Cobol, Prolog, Assembler, Smalltalk.

Operating Systems

MacOS X, Ubuntu, Windows3.1/95/98/NT/XP/7, BSD Unix, Vax/VMS, HP MPE.


Over the years I have tutored/lectured/developed subjects in areas such as:

Data Handling, Technical Mathematics A&B, IntroductoryBiomathematics A&B, Mathematics 1 A&B, Statistics 1, ScientificProgramming II, Computer Architecture& Assembler, Graphics,Computer Systems 2, Operating Systems, Computer Laboratory B,Programming Environments, Data Communications, Geometry, Shapes andNumbers, Computer Graphics, Computer Languages 1B, Programming B,Honours Informatics Topic A, Human Computer Interaction, InternetProgramming, Java for Object Oriented Programmers, Professional Issuesin Computing, Algorithms and Data Structures, Strategy & Initiatives, Computer Graphics, Games Development, Web Applications for Business, Mobile Computing, Web Site Development, Mobile Software Development.

I have also supervised numerous degree and honours projects as well as supervising a Masters and PhD students to completion. I am currently associate supervisor for 1 full time PhD student.

Student Projects
Steven Robinson. “Laboratory System for Marian/St. Stanislaus School. 1987.
P. Whittaker. “PC Print Buffer”. 1987.
M. Titman. “Drill Hole Pattern Program, Blackwater Mine”. 1988.
G. Walters. “A computer-Aided Cadastral Information System. 1988.
G. Hope. “Irrigation Systems and Pipeline Design”. 1989.
D. Caffin “Educational Game Playing”. 1990.
R. M. Salmon. “A study of User Interface Management Systems”. 1991.
D. Elsmore, M. Jack. “Music Scripting and Playback system”. 1991.
R. Chernick. “Simulation of MC68000 exception processing”. 1993.
Tony Bowes “Soil Erosion Model”. 1994.
Kylie Jones. “Web site for Tropical Beef Centre”. 1996.
C. Benedict. C. Kleinschmidt. 1998, "Australian Baseball Hall of Fame VRML design".
C. Leigh. “A multi-pass ray tracer”. 1998.
A. Richardson. “OpenGL Bezier Patch Modeller with Point Selection and Manipulation”. 1999.
A. Bowie. “Implementing a Prey-Predator Animation”. 2000.
K. Wiltshire. “3D Modeling and Animation of a TV commercial for High Street Optical”. 2001.
B. Heaton. “An Active Visualisation of Process Control in a Paper Mill Boiler”. 2002.
A. Johnston. “Java SGP source, manual and report”. 2003
S. Ellerton. “Developing the OpenGL SGP and Interactive Gaming Environment”. 2005.

Honors Projects

George Draper, 1996. Owen Van Itallie. “Sign Language Processing”. 1st Class.
Brooks, B., 2000, "Image Reconstruction from Medical Ct Data". 1st Class
S. Olde. 2003. “Design and Development of an Educational Website –North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre a Case Study”. 1st Class.
S. Cochrane. 2003 “Changing roles in the filmmaking process – The Professional Generalist”. Class 2a.
Dirk Harbinson. 2006. "Point Based Surface Rendering". 1st Class.
Jason Guy. 2008. "Interval Methods in Real Time Ray Tracing".

Master Thesis

Godden, R.D., 2000, "The Use of Stereo Video as a Training Media in the Mining Industry". Co-supervisor.

Ross Mortensen. "Towards Determining the Transition Matrix Between Symmetric Group Bases". 2007-present. Co-supervisor/Principal Supervisor.

PhD thesis supervision

Nick Young. "Coevolution and Encoding of Fuzzy Systems, and Multiobject Optimisation". Completed 2008. Co-supervisor.

Dirk Harbinson “Point Based Surface Rendering”. Principal Supervisor. Completed 2009.

Deepani Guruge "Effective Document Classifier for Search Engines". Co-supervisor/Principal Supervisor. Completed 2008.

Paul Thomas "Optimising Hydrogen Peroxide Use for Drip Irrigation", Co-supervisor 2016->current.



Lei, H., Bhattara, S., Balsys, R., Midmore, D.J., Holmes,T., Zimmerman, W., 2016. Temporal and spatial dimension of dissolved oxygen saturation with fluidic oscillator and Mazzei air injector in soilless irrigation systems, Irrigation Sc., DOI 10.1007/s00271-016-0512-x .

Bhattarai, S.P. Balsys, R., Wassink, D., Midmore, D. J. and Torabi, M., 2013, The total air budget in oxygenated water flowing in drip tape. International Journal of Multiphase Flow,
Balsys, R., Harbinson, D. Suffern, K., 2012, Visualizing non-manifold and singular implicit surfaces with point clouds, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 18, no. 2, pp.188-201.
Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G., Jones, H., 2008, Point Based Rendering of Non-Manifold Surfaces. Computer Graphics Forum. Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 63-72.
Suffern, K.G., Balsys, R.J. Rendering the Intersections of ImplicitSurfaces. IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Vol. 23, no. 5, Sept/Oct, 2003. pp. 70-77.
Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Ray Tracing Surfaces with Contours. Computer Graphics Forum. Vol. 22, No. 4, Dec. 2003. pp. 743-752.
Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Visualisation of Implicit Surfaces. Computers & Graphics, Vol. 25, No. 1, 2001, pp 89-107.
Balsys, R., Davis, R.L., The structure of Li.43 Na.36 CoO1.96 usingneutron powder diffraction, Solid State Ionics, 1994, pp. 69-74.

Balsys, R., Davis, R.L., The structure of Na.74 CoO2 using neutron powder diffraction, Solid State Ionics, 1996, pp. 279-282.

Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Adaptive Polygonisation of Non Manifold Implicit Surfaces. GESTS Int'l Computer Science and Eng., Vol. 24, No 1, 2005. pp.215-233.

Harbinson, D, Balsys, R. & Suffern, K., 2010, Polygonisation of non-manifold implicit surfaces using a dual grid and points in Banassi, E., Sarfraz, M., Huang, ML. (eds.) CGIV 2010. Sydney, Australia, 7th-10th August, 2010, pp. 26-31.
Huang, Q., Balsys, R., 2009, Applying fractal and chaos theory to animation in the Chinese literati tradition, CGIV'09, Tianjin, China, 11th - 14th August, 2009.
Harbinson, D., Balsys, R., Suffern, K.G. Real-time Antialiasing of Edges and Contours of Point Rendered Implicit Surfaces, CGIV'08, 26-28th August, 2008, USM, Penang, Malaysia. pp. 38-46.
Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Point Based Rendering of 4-Dimensional Surfaces. CGIV'07, 14-17th August, 2007, Bangkok, Thailand. pp. 31-40.
Harbinson, D., Balsys, R., Suffern, K.G. Rendering Surface Features Using Point Based Methods, ACM/GRAHITE2007, 1-4th Dec 2007, Perth, Western Australia. pp. 47-53.
Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Adaptive Polygonisation of Non ManifoldImplicit Surfaces. CGIV'05, 27-28 and 29 July 2005, Xi jiao Hotel,Beijing, China.
Li, M., Fan, X., Verma, B., Balsys, R.J., O’Connor, D.J. Neural networks for analysis of complex spectral data from ion beam back scattering. ICAI'05 - The 2005 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA(June 27-30, 2005).
Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Point Based Rendering of Non-ManifoldSurfaces With Contours. ACM/GRAPHITE2004, 15-19 June 2004, Singapore.
Jones, H., Balsys, R.J., Suffern, K.G. Point Based Rendering ofSurfaces With Singularities. ACM/GRAPHITE2003, 11-14 February 2003,Melbourne, Australia.
Harwood, A., Balsys, R.J., Service Networks - Distributed P2PMiddleware. The APAC Conference and Exhibition on Advanced Computing, Grid Applications and eResearch, Gold Coast, Australia, October, 2003.
Heaton, B., Balsys, R.J. The Simulation of Process Control of a Boilerin a Paper Mill. Information Technology in Regional Areas Conference(ITiRA). Caloundra, Queensland Australia, December, 2003.
Balsys, R.J., Design and Implementation of Computer Graphics andAnimation Course Using Personal Computers, ICCE2001, Seoul, Korea. 2001. pp.372-378.
Balsys, R., Creating 3D Stereo Movies – Seeing with Stereo-vision, OZCHI’95, pp. 183-190.
Balsys, R., Gregor, S., Evaluation of the human-computer interface by questionnaire, OZCHI’93, pp. 267.
Balsys, R., Design and Implementation of a Postgraduate Computer Human Interaction Subject, OZCHI’92, pp 191.
Balsys, R., Clayton, D., LEARNDOS – CAL/CML Software to teach MSDOS to Distance Students, ASCILITE, 1991. pp. 7-17.
Jarvis, D.H., Jarvis, J.H., Balsys, R.J. Teaching Computer Graphics inExternal Mode, ACAE 16th Annual Computer Conference, Melbourne, 1985.

Professional Memberships

Member of the Association of Computing Machinery (MACM).

Member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (MIEEE) 

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