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Leonie Barnett

Bach. App. Sc. (Biol) Hons CQU, PhD MASM
Academic Casual
Student Engagement Directorate
Rockhampton North
32/G.27 - Rockhampton
About Me

I teach preparatory biology in the STEPS program in the School of Access Education.

My main area of research is marine parasitology; especially larval digenean parasites and their ecology, taxonomy and molecular relationships. Some projects I am flagging for future research include: parasites adjacent to seagrass meadows, parasites of invasive species, life cycle studies and the potential use of parasites as biomonitors for ecosystem health. As I research in a small niche, I am keen to collaborate with other researchers in situations where joint information can value add.


Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Good Practice in Learning and Teaching 2014 (Tier 1); Central Queensland University

Gladstone Port Authority Prize (undergraduate: Environmental Science), Central Queensland University.

Australian Society for Parasitology Prize (undergraduate: Parasitology), Central Queensland University.

Student Voice Awards; Introductory Biology BIOL40108, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Professional Experience

Five years at the WHO/FAO/OIE Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Leptospirosis (Western Pacific), Queensland Health Scientific Services, Brisbane (1999 - 2004) (Scientist/Acting Supervising Scientist).

  • Worked with Leptospira for Honours and at Leptospirosis Lab, QHSS

  • Now working with trematode parasites of intertidal snails (PhD research project) - interested in larval stages, especially cercariae

From 24 October 2012, Lecturer with STEPS, Academic Learning Services Unit, Industry, Vocational Training and Access Education Division; from 2017, STEPS, School of Access Education, Tertiary Education Division.

September 2008 to 23 October 2012, Lecturer at Nulloo Yumbah, Rockhampton campus.

From August 2007 to August 2008, part time Research Officer, Centre for Environmental Management, in the Ecotoxicology group.

August 2005 to August 2007, various casual contracts, Research Officer, Research Worker, Centre for Environmental Management.

Professional Memberships

Professional Member, The Australian Society for Microbiology (MASM)

The Australian Society for Parasitology

Australian Science Communicators

International Leptospirosis Society

International Society for Infectious Diseases


Unit Coordinator: STEPS, School of Access Education (from term 3 2012)

· BIOL40108 - Introductory Biology

· CHEM40079 - Introductory Chemistry (to term 2 2013)

Discipline Coordinator (Science) Academic Learning Services Unit; Sept 2013 to May 2015

Program Coordinator (TEP), Nulloo Yumbah (end Term 1 2010 to start Term 3 2011)

Course Coordinator, Nulloo Yumbah Tertiary Entry Program (TEP) courses:

· SCIE 40006 - Introductory Applied Sciences

· BIOL 40107 - Preparing for Biology

· CHEM 40078 - Preparing for Chemistry

· SCIE 40019 - Preparing for Health Sciences

For College of Sciences (to 2008)

Course Co-ordinator (Term 2, 2006):

· BIOT 12001 - Food and Plant Biotechnology

Demonstrating/marking (1998, 2004–2008):

· Introductory Biosciences

· Human Anatomy

· Human Physiology

· Molecular Biology and Cell Culture

· Foundation Animal Biology

· Invertebrate Zoology

· Nutrition

Industry Reports

Alquezar R, Barnett L. 2006. Ammonia and trace metal toxicity in freshwater and marine organisms. A literature review for Queensland Nickel PTY LTD. Centre for Environmental Management, Central Queensland University.

Fabbro LD, Unwin L, Barnett LJ. 2007. Use of aquaponics for improvement of drinking water quality. ACARP C14051, Part A. Centre for Environmental Management, Central Queensland University.

Fabbro L, Unwin L, Barnett LJ, Young L, Orr N. 2008. Mine Water Quality - Spread of Blue-Green Algae. ACARP Project C14051, Complete report (Parts A-C), Centre for Environmental Management, Central Queensland University.

Research Interests
Biological Sciences

Ecology - Marine and Estuarine Ecology (incl. Marine Ichthyology)
Parasite ecology and digenean life cycles

Biological Sciences

Microbiology - Infectious Agents
Infectious diseases, especially leptospirosis; epidemiology and transmission.

Biological Sciences

Zoology - Invertebrate Biology
Parasite taxonomy and genetic relationships

Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science and Management - Environmental Monitoring
I am interested in the investigation the potential of using digenean parasites of snails as biomonitors for assessing ecosystem health and rehabilitation progress, especially in marine/estuarine environments. I hope to do a study to compare parasite assemblages of Keppel Bay, Townsville and Gladstone. I have some baseline data for parasites of nassariids of Keppel Bay and now need to collect from other regions of coastal Queensland.

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